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Kenan specialises in Criminal defence and defending suspects accused of a variety of criminal accusations. Kenan regularly represents valued clients detained at the police station under the free police station representation system under legal aid. A number of clients face criminal charges following ones own detention in the police station either due to being bailed to return or having been charged right after an identification procedure.

Following charge Kenan regularly represents those believed of having committed an offence and have to attend the Magistrates court. Kenan attends represents those facing charges in the Magistrates Court. Where the offence is either way or indictable only Kenan will represent suspects who are required to appear before the Crown Court. Many of Kenan cases will be covered under the legal aid scheme where representation is often free for criminal charges.

Kenan often advises clients who want to appeal against conviction from the magistrate’s court or appeal their conviction or sentence from the Crown Court to the Court of Appeal.