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Vijesh began his career in the City working in the financial services & banking sector, having graduated from the University of London with a Masters in Banking & Financial Services Law.

Having qualified as a barrister in 1994 was determined to develop a practice to match his own work ethic and ethos & qualified as a solicitor in 1998. He then opened the practice under the former name Saunsbury & Co that year. In 2005 the name of the firm was changed to SJ Law.

Vijesh has built a highly accomplished legal career in the legal world. In particular he is best known for his ability to navigate black letter law & forensic examination. Moreover, Vijesh has built a team that are always readily available to answer the most challenging questions whatvever the subject matter.

“Both businesses & individual clients can have a plethora of legal problems. Understanding a specific client’s needs is the cornerstone of providing a holistic service. In many instances the solution can mean involving several other lawyers from the firm or beyond but always maintaining the personal relationship to fulfil a clients ultimate need. The talent is being able to understand the need & how best to satisfy it.”