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Established in 1998 in London, SJ law is a leading Criminal Defence Solicitors with offices in East Ham in East London & Finchley in North London. We pride ourselves on providing a personal service, whether it is Criminal solicitors or immigration solicitors you need.. Our aim is simple – to be the Right Firm, Right Now, For You. We are proud not only to work for you but, more importantly, to work with you.

Our core value is simple. To build genuine partnerships to enable us to deliver high quality, cost-effective services that offer real solutions and change.  You may be entitled to Legal Aid, but you will find our Fixed Fees reassuring.

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Being experienced is not enough - Perspective is everything for Criminal Defence Solicitors.  We are not just great lawyers.  We are Real People helping you with Real Problems. Whether you need Criminal Solicitors or Immigration lawyers, let us help.  We provide a nationwide service with offices in London - East Ham and Barnet in North London

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We Make Things Happen.  When facing serious consequences you need a firm of Solicitors who are not only Criminal Solicitors but the very best Criminal Defence Solicitors. Whether you are funding your case through our Private Fees or through legal aid, our aim is simple.  To be the best for you.  Our offices are Based in East Ham in East London & Barnet in North London but we can arrange visits throughout the country.

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CHOOSING THE RIGHT FIRM OF CRiminal Solicitors London

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Criminal Solicitors London

There are literally hundreds of criminal defence solicitors in London. When it comes to choosing a firm to represent you, where do you even start choosing the right firm of criminal solicitors for your case, especially in London where nearly every criminal defence solicitors claims to be “award winning criminal solicitors”, “the best criminal defence solicitors”, “the largest criminal defence solicitors” and so on…..

There are some things to consider when looking for a firm of criminal defence solicitors in London.

Have you had a criminal solicitor before ?

Maybe you had a criminal solicitor in the past and can't recall which firm of criminal solicitors he or she worked for. If you can remember their name, you may be able to track them down via the Find a Solicitor service on the Law Society Website.  They hold a list of every criminal defence solicitor registered with them and a list of all criminal defence solicitors firm too. If you have difficulty in using the service, give us a call & we can help you find that criminal solicitor you’re looking for. If they are a criminal solicitor in London, we might even know them personally.  

Big Firm of criminal defence solicitors or a Small Firm of criminal solicitors

Begin by asking why the firm of solicitors is either big or small. A large firm will claim to have the resources with several lawyers to do your work. A small firm of criminal solicitors may claim to offer a more personal bespoke service. The truth is, even a small firm can deploy the necessary resources and large firms can still offer a personal service. The real issue is going to be your personal criminal solicitor & who they are and whether they are the right fit for you. Have a meeting and in most cases you will know whether that criminal solicitor is right for you. Ensure to confirm that the criminal solicitor that you meet is the solicitor who is going to handle your criminal defence themselves and not “overseeing” it.

Legal Aid or Private Fees

 Most criminal solicitors in London will offer both.   If you are convinced that paying privately will secure you a better service ask the firm that you are thinking of instructing what is the difference in the level of service they offer (if any).  You can read more about Private or Legal aid for criminal defence here.

Changing your criminal solicitors

 If you are unhappy with the firm of criminal solicitors that you have instructed you may consider changing and choosing another firm of criminal solicitors to represent you. The stage that your criminal case is at and the funding that you have chosen will be 2 factors that will have the greatest impact on whether you can change your criminal solicitors and whether you should change your criminal solicitors. Read more about changing your criminal solicitors here.

common phrases used by criminal defence solicitors

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RUI or Released Under Investigation

Being released under investigation means exactly that.  You have been released from police custody whilst the police continue with the investigation.   It is as simple as that.  It is not the same as being on police bail and there are no conditions that you can be put under whilst released under investigation.

Expecting something something a bit more comprehensive ?  No problem.  You can read it here.