conditional bail & remands in criminal proceedings


Qualifying Curfews - When does a Curfew count towards your sentence

Where an adult is remanded in custody, the time spent in custody will usually count towards the ultimate sentence. Whilst this is automatic in most cases, there are circumstances where this will not be automatic. A good firm of Criminal Solicitors should be able to explain when this may not be the case.

Where an adult is on bail awaiting trial and one of the conditions of that bail is that he or she is to observe an electronically monitored curfew, then the time spent on bail whilst subject to the curfew, will count towards the final sentence imposed, providing that the Curfew is for at least 9 hours and the curfew is electronically monitored. Each day a curfew is imposed and observed, will count as half a day deemed served against any sentence imposed for the offence(s) for which the curfew was imposed.


The legislative provisions can be found at S240A of the Criminal Justice Act 2003


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